Norwich Union 0 – Fakenham 38 – Eastern Counties 2N

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After the heroics of the previous week and the defeat of Broadlands, the visit of Fakenham to Norwich Union proved oddly flat due in part to a mixture of misplaced complacency and a last minute reshuffle caused when the injury caused to Lake Taylor during the Diss game proved to be not as recovered as was hoped for.  The first quarter of the game saw Fakenham in much the stronger position most of the time only to throw it away by wrong decision making by the team and this gave Norwich Union a confidence boost with no score on the board when there really should have been at least a couple. The deadlock was

broken at 22 minutes of play when after some excellent pieces of close play using the pod system, Ashley Stewart wriggled through the NU defense to score just left of the posts. Tom Bane-Young slotted the conversion over the posts in the usual fashion. Five minutes later a penalty to Fakenham almost in front of the posts duly kicked by Tom B-Y increased the score to 0-10. Fakenham were by this time hitting their patterns and playing as a team rather than going for glory as individuals and it showed, although there could well have been more as scoring passes were not given and tries went begging, the only addition being a Howard Kellock try on 35 minutes, again converted by Tom B-Y. The forwards were dominating in the set piece right from the outset of the game, despite a weight disadvantage, and going into half time with a lead of only 0-17 having had the strong wind at their backs for the half seemed oddly deflating.The second half saw Fakenham beginning to assert their authority and making more of their chances leading to a fairly quick third try, the second for Howard Kellock and once more converted by Tom B-Y. Norwich Union were getting more into their stride however and starting to give a real master class in running lines with depth which made them dangerous opponents. The Fakenham defense held firm, however, and their superior fitness meant they were by far the more organised side and so could cope when Norwich Union did achieve any break through. Fakenham had realised they had the pace and fitness, and also benefitted from the return of Joe Bane Young from a long absence who added extra vision and so began looking for more attacking opportunities from Union's mistakes and good running out of their own half. This led to two more tries in the last quarter, the first to Josh Gee and the second to George Ready, giving Fakenham bonus points from all three of their league games so far. Norwich Union never gave up and the game ended with Fakenham having to defend their own line from a series of Norwich Union attacks. The game was punctuated by passages where Fakenham got it really very right indeed and so they should be very pleased while also knowing there is work to be done in some areas to get to the consistent performance they are capable of and so ably demonstrated the previous week.

Next week Fakenham are hopefully at home to Dereham while the seconds take on Broadlands 2nd team away, both games starting at 15:00.