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Dereham 7 – Fakenham 72 - Eastern Counties 2N

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Fakenham managed to shake off the slow starts that have been present in recent games and tore into Dereham with intensity and organisation. A try came almost immediately as Fakenham’s pace created gaps in a Dereham team that could just not keep up and Tom Bane-Young scored under the posts and then duly converted his own try. That was the story for the next 30 minutes as Fakenham maintained their game plan and discipline to score try after try, Josh Gee scoring in the 11th, 20th and 22 minute, George Ready in the 17th and 25th. Their tendency to lose focus after the third try did not happen as their concentration and organisation remained at maximum level, Tom B-Y adding another try after 29

minutes to go with his first. All credit to Dereham's resilience they never capitulated and when Fakenham inevitably took their foot off the gas after so many tries, Dereham camped in the Fakenham half and were initially denied a try by Fakenham's defensive ability but maintained their attack and eventually scored a well worked and thoroughly deserved try just before half time. The 10 minutes before half time saw Fakenham trying to score every time they touched the ball and force the play too often as their shape disappeared

Half time saw a rejuvenated Dereham and Fakenham going through different moves to re-discover their patterns. As a result the scores were less frequent but looked much more organised despite a series of replacements and positional changes that can so easily disrupt less disciplined sides. The first score of the second half came after 18 minutes after a good multi handed move from the backs put Ian Williamson over the live to be followed a couple of minutes later by Steven Clay to also get on the scoreboard. Other good moves saw Joe Bane-Young score a try on 22 minutes to be followed 3 minutes later by Lloyd Marshall with the first of his brace When injuries to Dereham forced the game to uncontested scrums for the last ten minutes it took stern words from captain Adam Lingwood to ensure Fakenham kept their discipline and shape until the final whistle with a final try to Lloyd Marshall again and a final score of 7-72. Overall a really good performance from Fakenham which put them back to top of the league and set them up well for Saturday's visit by Norwich Medics who sit third in the league.