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Fakenham 24 - 3 North Walsham 2nd XV

Saturday the 30th September saw Fakenham hosting North Walsham 2nd XV.  Fakenham quickly established their dominance but careless mistakes and silly penalties meant North Walsham were able to kick their way up the pitch and put pressure on the Fakenham line.  Fakenham had learnt the lessons from the game against Norwich Union and their defence against the North Walsham driven maul was solid forcing the away team to settle for a 3 point penalty to open the scoring.  That would prove to be the only points North Walsham would get in the day. 

Fakenham were far stronger in the pack and this reaped it’s reward when they pushed a 5 meter scrum up to the line and Howard Kellock touched down a simple score from 8.  Incisive runs from Fakenhams back three of George Ready, Brett Stolworthy and Murray Tindall meant Fakenham kept the pressure on the Walsham side.  The next score came when captain Tom Bane Young made a looping run across the pitch, drawing in the North Walsham winger and giving a clean pass for Tindall to score unopposed.  The half time score was 12-3.

Starting the second half Walsham improved their defence making it harder for Fakenham to break their lines but composed play meant the home side scored two further trys through Jim Wells and a second from Tindall.  North Walsham played a hard game and had some excellent runs of their own but on the day Fakenham were the more complete team and deserved the bonus point win.  The game ended 24-3 keeping