Fakenham 47 Holt Seconds 7


Fakenham were looking to get back into a fully competitive mode when they entertained local rivals Holt 2nd XV for this latest round of the EC2 North league season. Fakenham started off slowly and allowed Holt to come forward and press the game well into the fakenham half but the Fakenham defence held firm, and gave no points away. The pattern continued for about 10 to 15 minutes until Holt were awarded a penalty kick but it was missed  and Fakenham escaped and broke away into the holt half of the pitch. Fakenham’s communication and organisation started to turn the game around with Fakenham taking the upper hand and

shaping the direction of the game. With their back division cutting loose and using their pace to outstrip the Holt defence they were in the ascendency only to be thwarted by forward passes. Another attack fared better with Luke Taylor beating the Holt defence to score Fakenham’s first try out on the left hand side of pitch, Lloyd Marshall converted to give Fakenham the lead 7-0. Fakenham’s second try was much harder won as the Holt defence tackled Jack Whitesides (the original ball carrier) down short or the line but he managed to pop the ball up to John Wilson who was in turn engulfed by two defenders but he managed to still drive to the line to ground the ball and Lloyd converted, 14-0. Fakenham had taken control of the game when vice-captain Tom Bane-Young broke from stand- off to outpace the defence to score Fakenham’s third try but the kick was missed 19-0. Holt finally had a brief foray into the Fakenham half but that was snuffed out just as the half time whistle went.

Fakenham secured the four try bonus point soon after the restart when Ashley Stewart forced his way through the Holt defenders to score the try qith the extra two points again added by Lloyd from wide out on the left wing, 26-0. Holt responded and had a small purple patch which drove deep into the Fakenham 22m area. Holt errors lost their advantage but they reorganised and drove to the line to score the try and make the conversion to register on the scoreboard 26-7.  Fakenham were pushing for their tenth win in a row as they reorganised to launch more attacks using both forwards and backs. The game opened up allowing Fakenham to use their extra pace in the backs to attack hard with close forward support to drive into the Holt half then launch the killer blows. Fakenham were to score three more tries, one a very mazy run from Josh Gee who darted this way and that until he could find a path to the try line, converted by Lloyd. Tom B-Y scored his second try of the game from the 22m line after some great work by the Fakenham forwards produced quick clean ball for the stand-off to attack and breach the defence to race to the try line, again converted by Lloyd. The final try was down to Ashley Stewart wide on the wing and the kick was taken successfully by Lloyd Marshall to take the final score to 47-7. This has put Fakenham in a strong position in the league but the picture is still unclear due to some postponed games over the past couple of weeks. Until all of the outstanding games are played, it will be difficult to work out the final placings. Fakenham second team have finished top of their group after a home walk over gave them a 5 point bonus win.

Fakenham first travel to Beccles on 30th January for the next round of the league program whilst the second team travel to Dereham to play their newly formed second team, both games will kick off at 2pm. Later in the day the club has a live band playing. There is no entry fee for the evening so you can enjoy the band and have a few drinks to help support the club, I hope to see all the players and partners at the club as well as supporters from 8pm on, bring some friends with you.