Fakenham 2nd 15 Broadlands Gt Yarmouth 2nd 0 - EC4N

Fakenham and Broadlands faced off for a top of the league clash in this EC4 North game with the winner almost guaranteed promotion to EC3 North for next season. Both teams were expecting a hard fought game and it did not disappoint with the Broadlands forwards showing dominance and the experienced Fakenham backs helping their own forward out with the defensive duties. Broadlands forwards were winning all their scrummage ball and making it very difficult for Fakenham (who were going backwards a lot of the time) but they still managed to make use of the scrummage ball, in open play and lineouts the teams were well matched and it was going to be the team that used the possession better that would win the game. The visitors showed they were going to use their strength and weight advantage to win the game but Fakenham withstood the early onslaught to keep the scoreboard level a 0-0. Fakenham launched attacks of their own but at this stage of the game they could not break down the Broadlands defence but the signs

Norwich Medics 2nd 7 - Fakenham 2nd 24 - EC4N

Fakenham’s second team travelled to Lakemham Hewett’s ground to play Norwich Medics second team in this EC4 North promotion battle. Both teams were fighting with Broadland’s second team for the single promotion slot into EC3 North at the end of the season. The game was always going to be a close encounter as the earlier meeting between the two sides had shown when Fakenham had just edged the contest. The game initially looked as if Fakenham were going to romp home but some over complicated backs moves in tight spaces forced handling errors. Fakenham were still on the attack even after the errors but time on the ball and territorial advantage did not produce any points. The visitors simplified things a bit and were finally

Fakenham 2nd 85 – Norwich 3rd 0 – Eastern Counties 4N

This was a largely one-sided affair after Norwich had travelled lighter on players than the baggage allowance on an EasyJet flight. The game started at a tremendous pace with Jonathan Kettell crossing the white wash, for the first of his hatrick of tries after just 90seconds. This set the tone for the rest of the game as a total of fifteen tries were scored including four from Ian Williamson although the last of them could have been more generous to those around him. The highlight of the day was the mazy bullocking run from captain fantastic Craig Orion White, which ended with a winger like finish for a try in the corner. The floodgates were opened despite a brave defence from Norwich and very soon Fakenham were almost literally scoring at will, including long-range tries from Nathan Wilson and Jack Lowin-Green. Josh Sperring was outstanding at full back with an unbelievable try

Broadland Gt Yarmouth 2nd 5 – 19 Fakeknham 2nd - Eastern Counties 4N

Fakenham seconds travelled to Broadlands for this important EC4 North League game, as, due to the way the division is set up this fixture and the return will be the deciding two fixtures to decide who will be promoted out of this league and into Division 3. The game was expected to be competitive and it certainly was as can be seen from the score. Fakenham had crossed the line through Ian (Willy ) Williamson but the referee was unsighted and could not award the try but they kept pushing and the first score came at 38 minutes when captain Jonathan Kettell scored a try on the left and Tom Bane-Young converted to take the lead 0-7 in to the half time break.  The second half saw Fakenham find gaps in the Broadlands defence, a neat chip saw Sean Whiteside who was having another great game pick up a loose ball and sprint 30 metres to score at try on the left wing, unfortunately the try was not converted, 0-12. Matthew king was having a great game and burst though the defence to score close to the posts and give Tom Bane-Young an easy kick which he slotted over 0-19. The Men of the match Toby Betts and Roger Palmer, one forward and one back, showed the commitment of the whole Fakenham side with everybody putting in a very committed shift in this tough match. Although Fakenham sustained three injuries, two of them were allowed to return to the fray.  Neither side gave ground easily in this game, every yard gained was hard fought. Fakenham’s defence was immense through-out the game repelling almost all of the Broadlands attacks. Broadlands had not given up the fight and pressed right up the end of the game when they scored an unconverted try 5-19. The final whistle followed soon after the kick attempt and both sides showed they were relieved for the end of their physical exertions. Fakenham looked totally spent but happy to come away with the win that now puts them in prime spot for the promotion to EC3 North. Fakenham teams have a weekend break from games (which will help some of the injuries to recover) but will have a training sessions to keep sharp ahead of the next games on 5th March when both sides are at home for their League encounters, the 1st against Norwich Medics and the 2nd against Norwich 3rd all supporters will be welcome as it should be a good afternoon of games, kick off for both games is at 3:00pm.

Norwich Union 2nds 13 Fakenham 2nds 34

Fakenham’s 1st XV game had been forfeited by Beccles this weekend leaving only the 2nd team fixture against Dereham who unfortunately called off at short notice and some hasty phoning round found a replacement in Norwich Union to allow their teams to have their first proper workout in weeks after a series of opposition cancelled games. Fakenham got off to a promising with some great attacks but ultimately failed to score, in response Norwich union put the Fakenham defence to the test but it held firm. Fakenham again pressed forward and this time they were rewarded with a try from captain Craig White but

Fakenham 47 Holt Seconds 7


Fakenham were looking to get back into a fully competitive mode when they entertained local rivals Holt 2nd XV for this latest round of the EC2 North league season. Fakenham started off slowly and allowed Holt to come forward and press the game well into the fakenham half but the Fakenham defence held firm, and gave no points away. The pattern continued for about 10 to 15 minutes until Holt were awarded a penalty kick but it was missed  and Fakenham escaped and broke away into the holt half of the pitch. Fakenham’s communication and organisation started to turn the game around with Fakenham taking the upper hand and