Committee Meeting held on Monday 6th June 2016

Apologies Chris Glossop, Adrian Stringer.
PresentTim Curtis, Mike Wyatt, Chris Evans, Peter Colley, Mark Allen, Nigel Allen, John Lingwood, Colin Barron, Alan Young, Marissa Ullmer, Josh Sperring, Karl Barstard, Jayne Fear.
Items not on the AgendaPC asked the committee to think of anyone whose name should go on the ‘In Memorium’ board so that we can’t be accused of leaving anyone out.  TC and LM have lists of deceased ex members. 
Matters Arising
Information Items
June £15 M Holl (62) £10 Lee Muston (65)£5 Iain McEwan (37)
•Tony Grover would like to hold an event on the pitch on the 12th July.  The Town band will be at the event.
•JSp has obtained quotes for a May Ball next year.  He has separate quotes for marquee hire and separate quotes for food.  The best quote so far is £2,850 + VAT.  This includes 20 tables, 200 chairs, breathable carpeting and an area sectioned off as a dance floor.
•JSp is hoping to stage a Zorba football tournament at the end of July.  MA has said that he’s happy for the pitch to be used.  The tournament would involve 12 squads of 10 (5 players on the pitch/team).
•The cost/person would be £10 and a BBQ would also be run.
•JSp has obtained 6 quotes so far and the best quote is £520.
•Leaflets for the outdoor films (24th & 25th June) will be circulated.  The internet price for each evening is £12 but we will receive 100 tickets this Thursday which we can sell for £12 and keep £2 per ticket in addition to the 50p which Pop Up Pictures will give us for each person who attends.  Pop UP Pictures will provide food.
3. 2016 – 2017 BUDGET
MU outlined details from Jeff Pearce’s projections for Income and Expenditure in the current accounting year.
Social Events £8,750.00 Grounds Maintenance £11,675
Membership £1,720.00 Clubhouse £5,000
Match Fees £1,200.00 Cleaner £1,400
Grants £7,500.00 Playing Overheads £5,000
Donations £350.00 Other Overheads £10,000
Other Donations£1,400.00
Bar Takings £32,000.00
Additional Sponsorship£2,740.00
With regard to advertising boards TC normally picks them up from Simon Harper and MA will inform Mark Banham when they have been fitted.
We will start looking at this in November so that our nomination can be submitted by the deadline in January 2017.
We still need a Volunteer Coordinator, an Assistant Groundsman and a Marketing & Funding Coordinator.  In addition we need a Youth Volunteer (max 20 Years old).  AY insisted that we need to give them a specific role such as an assistant to someone.  He also said that if we are really struggling to find a Volunteer Coordinator we can put his name down.  There is no need for a Ladies Chair at the moment. PC will attend Norfolk meetings as our Rep. if we are unable to recruit one.
AY reminded the Committee that we still need to carry out a Safeguarding audit.  KB still needs to go on the 2nd Safeguarding course.  Meanwhile AY will talk to Rosie Noon to ask if she will help with DBS checks.
AY, who has the May figures, will talk to Jeff Pearce about entering the data online.
This is now split into a) Marketing & Funding and b) Events.
AGS was absent but it was reiterated that the dinner to replace the Old Farts’ Dinner could take place on Friday 11th November.
•AY and HK have received provisional league fixtures for next season.  
•The 2nd XV has been promoted and will play more league fixtures than the 1st XV.  
•The 1st XV will play 3 teams that finished above them last season in their first four league games.  
•AY has spoken to Lee Parry (Community Rugby Coach) about the possibility of holding a School ‘Holiday Club’ in July or August for Students at Alderman Peel High School, Wells and Fakenham Academy.  AY has asked for more details and the event could last for three days.
•AY stated that Tom Bane-Young has asked a friend, who runs a building company, if he will sponsor a set of training tops for the players at a cost of £380 + VAT.  He will sponsor the tops if we give him a year’s free board advertising.  He will pay for the board to be made.
•The committee agreed that if a player wants an individual top then they will have to pay for it themselves.
•MA pointed out that this would mean twice as much washing for whoever is on the washing rota.
•AY asked if the clubhouse could be used on Wednesday 29th June for an inaugural Bingo session.  
•MA pointed out that we’re still waiting for a 3rd quote for work on the electricity board.  It’s likely that we’d have a day with no power when the work was being done which might affect events such as the Bingo.
•CE expressed disappointment after his and AY’s efforts that the 2nd team captain and a 2nd team player did not attend the Eastern Counties AGM to pick up the EC4N trophy.  He added that it did not reflect well on the club.
•It was suggested that we invite Roger Pearson (Secretary, ECo) and Huw Davies (President ECo) to the Touch Rugby and BBQ event on Sunday 17th July so that Roger could present the 2nd XV trophy and Huw could present John Lingwood with his long awaited Volunteering award.
KB is going to try to get more training tops from Travis Perkins.  There are problems with numbers in Dean Halfpenny’s Tots group.
11. BAR (JF)
Monthly Income
£1,868.75 £2,082.69 £2,082.69 (actually banked on 6th June)
ULLAGE - 16 pints were used to clean the pipes.
•JF said that recent events have included the Minis’ presentation, 2 Darts nights and a 40th birthday party.
•JF added that she has agreed a sale or return deal with Val Cole for the outdoor film events on 24th and 25th June together with a supply of plastic glasses.
•Bob Sayer’s girlfriend has asked if she can use the clubhouse for Yoga & Fitness sessions on Wednesday nights.  We have agreed to hold Bingo events on Wednesdays but it might be possible to have the Yoga & Fitness later in the evening.
•JF said that the normal charge is £50 but we could possibly offer it at £30 for the first 6 months.  
•MA pointed out that there is a ‘tripping out’ problem with the floodlights so the internal board needs to be looked at.  Kester will initially have a look at the lights themselves.
•The pitch is reasonably good at the moment but the sand has still not been delivered.  The pitch has been cored but 70 Tynes were broken. 
•There will be a working party during the weekend of 18th – 19th June to tidy the place up ahead of the EU Referendum on Thursday 23rd June. There will be many people visiting the club, which is acting as a polling station for the first time, and we need to create a good impression.
•Longwater Gravel has agreed to provide us with 40 tonnes of crushed shingle which will be delivered on Wednesday 8th June.  We will provide them with an advertising board for the next two years.
•MA will reposition the oil tank in the next few months.  
•MA made committee members aware that there had recently been a number of thefts in the area.  
•MA stated that one of the containers will have to be replaced within the next year.  KB said that there’s a 40 feet container, from Travis Perkins, at Anglo Scottish at the moment. 
The CURRENT BALANCE is CR£3,448.09 (The MAY figure was a CREDIT of £4,869.28) when all bills have been paid, cheques have cleared, allocated money is accounted for and the remaining short term loan of £3,000 is re-paid. 
Youth Section£    79.05  
Roof repair fund£ 1,000.00
100 club money for CCTV£350.00
•There was a VAT payment to HMRC of £1,460.68 in the 1st quarter of 2016 which is, to a large extent, the reason why our current balance has dropped from the May figure.
•The lack of any big events has reduced income so the £1,000 roof repair fund will have to be raided if funds decline still further.
BS absent.
•MWy reported that the website is up to date.  
•There has not been any press coverage recently.  
•The RFU has asked clubs to prune their membership lists on the GMS by 30th June.  
•PC insisted that we shouldn’t take Life Members off the GMS system.  
•CE and PC will discuss Life members and CE will then email a list of Life members, with their details, to MWy. 
There being no further business the meeting finished at 9.08pm.