AGM Minutes - Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Present:There were 22 voting members present. 
Apologies:Vernon Tait, John Lingwood, Terry Bishop, Terry Lawrence, Robyn Jones, Rosie Noon, Ashley Stewart.
Minutes:The minutes of the 2013 AGM were circulated, read and approved (proposed by Peter Colley and seconded by Chris Glossop). 
Matters arising: There were no matters arising. 
Lee Muston read out the report that he delivered to the Directors on Monday 22nd May.
I cannot begin this report without us thinking, just for a moment, about our friend Craig…… ( a pause for silence)
The purpose of this report is to give the Directors an overview of the business of the Club. Alan will give a report on the playing side. My ambitions for the Club have been to acquire the capital assets to assure survival; widen the base of the Club in terms of social membership, community involvement, and playing members; and to adopt a professional approach to the running of Club business by all officers of the Club
•There have been a significant number of physical changes in the Club which has benefitted from the monies accrued through the Olympic Games and available through bids to the RFU, and latterly Local Authorities and Sport England. In no order over the past two years the Club has gained
1.A new burglar alarm system with alterations to the Clubhouse to enhance security [RFU]
2.A new disabled access ramp and door[RFU]
3.A concrete cellar with steel door built onto the bar for storage[RFU]
4.Use of a pitch we are developing for juniors at Trapp Lane[Town Council]
5.Two new sets of aluminium hinged posts[RFU]
6.A storage container[Town Council]
7.A new stainless steel catering unit [NNDC]
8.The Club has also acquired a tractor and other pitch equipment, none of which has been stolen!!
•As a result of recent awards 
1.We are replacing the showers and relocating the changing rooms as on the plan 
[Sport England £50 000]
2.We will be able to refurbish the lounge and bar area
[RFU £10 000 matched funding]
It is important to note this sort of access will be unavailable after the World Cup
•We are in the process of expanding our Sponsorship base in the Town and Its environs, which is providing a raft of support for us. However, we are short of man hours to exploit this as I would wish. Nevertheless the income is valuable, as are the contacts. It is important that the club continues to operate throughout the summer. We have a BBQ with Tag Rugby, mini training session and U12 soccer club guests on the stocks July 20th. We had a Players dinner last Friday and a Steak Night is to be held on 4th July. And of course, the Old Farts’ Dinner
•Community activity has increased. We have just lost our let of Irish dancers, but we are hired more frequently by a wider range of townsfolk for birthdays et al.  We are involved in Active Fakenham, visit local schools, have a termly meeting with the Head of the Academy, and over the year attracted a tranche of mini parents who are becoming active in the Club. The lunches are always successful. They raise small amounts but do so seven times a year. We have had an Under 16 tour where the Club has had Bric a brac sales to raise money. Summer Tag Rugby is about to begin
•Developing a more professional approach by volunteer amateurs in the running of a Club is a big ask. We have agreed a Sports development plan which will inform our Rugby activity next season. We will have to measure activity. We need a more effective grasp of membership. We need a wider base of active members each with small but important responsibilities.
•I owe innumerable debts of thanks to my fellow committee members and others
•To Alan Young for keeping the playing side going when things were difficult in the deep mid winter. 
•To Mark Allen who has equipped himself with an army of tools and has worked so hard to ensure the main pitch is of top quality
•To Tim  for his work in the club, done and to do
•To Vernon for the organisation of the splendid lunches through the season
•To Mike Wyatt for his expertise at ensuring press coverage of high quality throughout the season
• To Mandy for keeping the Foxes going
•To all the coaches who work week in, week out in all kinds of weather to prepare all our sides
•To Andy for his running of the Bar and Tina for her cleaning work in the club which saves us thousands
•To Chris Evans who carefully and thoroughly runs the finances of the club each week for  a hundred years now.
•To Peter and John who have kept me going at times when I have had the Black Dog 
•To Colin for running the 100 Club
•To Tim Loose for helping me this year to turn 5 minis into 28!!
•To my dear friends Kev and Marissa, to Mike Curry and his girls, to Rory and Adam for all their work and to many others I will have forgotten to mention
This club could not run without these volunteers who give their time and money. The question we should all ask is “what can I do to help the club? How can I keep this club going for the players of the future?”
It warmed my heart to see two Williams’ boys, Rimsky’s boy, Tim’s two kids, and Paul Meakin’s lad at the minis party. Soon they will be where you are. Will you be where we are?
1. Current financial position June 2014
Chris Evans reported a current balance of just over £1,400 (£3,400 last year) after bills have been paid, cheques have cleared and allocated money (£12,000) has been spent.    He gave some examples of the allocated money.
•£2,000 is matched funding for the Social spaces grant (refurbishment of the clubhouse)
•£2,000 is matched funding for the Inspired facilities grant (new changing rooms & showers)
He stated that the club’s average monthly expenditure on running costs has risen to approximately £1,500 and so £4,500 will be spent from now until the beginning of September just to keep the club going.  He also gave examples of regular monthly costs pointing out that the Electricity direct debit was far too high.
•Some examples of the regular costs 
Insurance£ 122.35
Water£   28.00
Phone£   16.00
Electricity£ 309.00 
Oil (averaged out)£ 170.00
Referees (averaged out)£   90.00 
Council Tax (80% small business rate relief)£   36.00 
Bar wages (average)£ 550.00
2. Budget for this financial year
CE reported that the finance subcommittee will set a budget, by next month, for the current financial year (1st April 2014 – 31st March 2015).  This will not include any contingency for emergencies.  He added that the 100 club has helped out in the past but warned that the 100 club money had been committed towards part match fund the changing rooms and clubhouse work.  This means that the 100 club is unlikely to be able to help in emergencies.  The budget will not include any finance related to the refurbishment
The Management committee agreed last year that, if possible, a minimum of £2,500 will be set aside each year for the refurbishment of the roof.  Unfortunately we’ve only been able to set aside £1,000 
In an emergency we can borrow from the roof fund and the Foxes’ allocated money (£1,150 RFU travel expenses not spent).  It would eventually be paid back.
He concluded that finances will be tight for the next 6 -7 months
3. Comments about the 2014 accounts
Operating Loss 
CE observed that we made an OPERATING LOSS of £1,778 (£322 loss in 2013).  Match fees of £844 were received after the year end (31st March) so effectively the operating loss was £934.  The fact that the 2nds didn’t play many games will also have affected this figure.  We are unlikely to pay Corporation Tax (a tax on profits of 20%).  Our aim is to make a slight loss or, at worse, a small profit.  CE expressed surprise that the Grant money figure was only £4,173 but though that it might have been an analysis problem.  He added that he was pleased that we’ve been able to spend more on the pitch and grounds than last year (£3,759 compared with £1,873 last year).
CE observed that the bar made a net profit (after bar wages) of £9,152 (25.00% of total bar turnover).  He added that our target is approximately £10,000 so this acceptable.  The bar gross profit of 42.89% (45.78% last year) is a little lower than the management committee target of 45%.  Bar prices might be slightly lower than they should be.  The Finance subcommittee will discuss this.
Overall volume of bar sales is up by 46% (£36,473 compared with £24,978 in 2013).  
CE thanked Andy Prior for all his hard work and for getting the monthly figures to him promptly 
CE said that we intended to ask the bookkeeper to use a spreadsheet, that we’ll design, which hopefully will help to give a clearer breakdown of the figures in next year’s financial statements.  
4. Summary
CE concluded that it’s a slightly worse financial picture than last year but by Christmas we should benefit from the huge expenditure on the clubhouse which will includes £4,000 from the club account and £1,750 from the 100 club in MATCHED FUNDING.
Approval of the accounts was proposed by Adrian Stringer and seconded by Colin Barron.  The meeting voted in favour of approving the accounts.
LM, as current chairman, conducted the election of a new President.  Peter Colley, as newly elected President, stated that he will do his best to support all sections of the club and concluded by saying ‘let’s have a good year’.
PC then conducted the election of a new chairman.  Upon election, as the new chairman, LM continued to conduct the elections of officers of the club.
Alan Young read out the report that he delivered to the Directors on Monday 22nd May.
Fakenham have had a mixed performance season with ups and downs in squad strength and numbers at training. A clear the air meeting had the desired effect and the sad loss of Craig seemed to galvanise the playing sides to put extra effort and commitment into their rugby. As far as the EC2 league Fakenham played all their games although on two occasions, Fakenham travelled short to away games, both of these games were winnable and produced loosing bonus points. The home fixtures against these two clubs produced big wins.
In the Norfolk Junior Cup first round game we lost to Dereham. Friendly matches produced some great rugby but not the results we wished for partly due to playing mixed club sides to try and give the second team guys a game due to the majority of their fixtures being cancelled. The second team did rally slightly towards the end of the season and some additional players started playing. Our press coverage with Fakenham and Wells has been good with match reports backed up with some magnificent photos from Mike Wyatt. Most weeks saw a FRUFC presence with only a couple of misses quite often due to additional football coverage. 
I am optimistic for next season, for two main reasons: 1) Players have decided to continue to train during the summer to raise the general fitness and strength levels within the squad, and 2) we have attracted two local boys back from Norwich and other players from a college initiative set up by Lee Parry.  Other players may be recruited, male and female, from an Air Cadets program Joe Bane-Young and I have been involved in. 
Joe has decided to continue as first team captain with Bob Sayer as his senior vice captain and a bold move to make two younger player extra vice captains with a view to them looking to the future as full vice captains or captains.
The club goals for next season include Top 3 in the EC2 league, to win the Norfolk Junior Cup and to win 70% of our games overall and to field a competitive second team in their newly formed EC4 North. With incentives for regular training and playing being offered by the Craig Prior Memorial Fund I believe it will make the difference between how we have played and how we want to play the game and develop.                                                             
President Peter Colley
Chairman Lee Muston
Vice Chairman (CLUB & GROUNDS)John Lingwood
Vice Chairman (PLAYING OF RUGBY)Peter Colley
Secretary Chris Evans
Treasurer Chris Evans
Club Captain Robyn Jones
Director of Rugby Alan Young
Sponsorship Manager Lee Muston
Facilities Manager (CLUBHOUSE)Chris Glossop
Facilities Manager (GROUNDS)Mark Allen
Chair of Ladies Mandy Warren
Chairman of Youth Vince Stewart
Chairman of Minis Tim Loose
Safeguarding & Young VolunteersRosie Noon
Fixtures Secretary Marissa Ullmer
Membership Secretary Irene Muston
Press Secretary & WebmasterMike Wyatt
Lunch Manager Vernon Tait
100 Club Colin Barron
Clubhouse Manager Andrew Prior (appointed by the committee)
Team Captains:1st Joe Bane Young (Captain)1st Bob Sayer (Vice Captain)
2nd Team (Captain) 2nd TBA (Vice Captain)
Clubman of the year
LM announced that Adam Lingwood, Rory Singleton and Craig Prior have been voted as the most outstanding clubmen of the year.
There being no further business the AGM was closed at 8.31pm.