AGM Minutes - Tuesday 28th April 2015

Present:There were 27 voting members present. 
Apologies:Steven Finn, Cliff Buck, Charlie Stringer, Norman Johnson, Jonathan Newell, Steve Pentney, Steven Bishop, Dave Savage, Colin Hunt, Tom Silver, Ben Butterfield, Colm Hunt, Jeremy Barker.
Minutes:The minutes of the 2014 AGM were circulated, read and approved. 
Matters arising: There were no matters arising. 
Thank you all for coming. You’ll know that I’m retiring today. What many of you do not know is that I’m retiring through ill health and will not be able to do as much work for the Club as previously. This is why I’m delighted and relieved that a man of the calibre of Jeff Pearce has agreed to stand as Chair. I will of course continue to try to help the Club as much as I can in the money raising department and will no doubt call on you to help me where you can.
My belief is that over the past year the Club has moved forward on many fronts. 
1.On the playing side – and these points will be amplified by Alan – I am so proud of our up and coming 17/18 year olds. Some of these boys are going to become very good indeed. I am also delighted with the minis, because I started them up again with lots of help and now they are a serious unit well organised trained and run by able parents.
2.On the grounds side I am very pleased with what Mark has achieved with the pitch and will continue to raise money for him. I’m less pleased with the development of a second pitch at Trapp Lane though, in truth, we haven’t yet needed it.
3.Speaking personally I am concerned that the CPMF has not given the Club the scrummage machine, which I believed was what Craig wanted and what the CPMF was set up for, and what we believed as we raised and donated money. It has become clear that the CPMF has some reservations about an outright donation to the Club and I would like to know why. There are a number of viable solutions but we have not, as yet, managed to get a date for a meeting with the Trustees to discuss this. Doubtless the Directors and the new Committee will pursue the matter.
4.I am very proud of the refurbishments undertaken in the Club and would like to that all players who took a role in building plumbing and carpentry, without their efforts we would not have showers like ours – remember the old ones??? The kitchen refurbishment means we can safely feed players properly and can hire the facilities out for parties and so on. The bar is beautiful, efficient and excellently run. We have come a long way from what we had and the thanks go to the workers and those who helped raise funds. The Club is now set for another twenty years. I shall be 92 when it wants doing again!!!
1. Current Financial Position
•Our current NET balance, after cheques have cleared and outstanding bills have been paid, is a CREDIT of approximately £4,300 (cf £1,400 in 2014).
•However we will need a total of approximately £5,500 to cover basic monthly costs between now and the beginning of September.
•£2,206.86 has been allocated/set aside and is accounted for in the NET balance
Foxes’ kit (Chemspec sponsorship)£    318.86   
Foxes’ RFU travel money (2013-2014)£    738.00
Money for courses£    150.00
Roof repair fund£ 1,000.00
•£4,000.00 was loaned to the club by members as a bridging loan until VAT repayment from refurbishment bills was paid.  The NET figure of £4,300 is based on this loan having being repaid. 
•Our AVERAGE MONTHLY expenditure for the current financial year will be approximately £1,350, down £150/month on last year. ie £1,800 for the year
•There are several reasons for this.  Marissa Ullmer is taking over the bookkeeping and PAYE at no charge to the club. This will save approximately £300/year.
•Also I’ve changed our insurance brokers, for CLUBHOUSE/EQUIPMENT INSURANCE, to MARSH (the RFU’s recommended broker).  This will save about £95/month.  
•Some examples of the regular monthly costs 
Insurance£   85.00  
Water£   28.00
Phone£   16.00
Electricity£ 309.00 (Far too HIGH)
Oil (average)£ 170.00
Referees (average)£   90.00 
Bar wages (average)£ 550.00
Council Tax (80% small bus. rate relief)£   36.00 (should be £180 per month)
NB Small business rate relief is not guaranteed after the forthcoming election
We could be asked to pay the full rate of £1,800 /year. 
2. Budget for this Financial Year
•The finance subcommittee will set a budget, by June, for the coming year.  Last year’s BUDGET was £32,000 and I expect it to be similar for this financial year.
•The finance subcommittee will try to allocate some of the £1,800 saving to the pitch as Mark Allen has included, in his draft budget, the purchase of a CHAIN HARROW and a SPRAY LINE MARKER.  One of the most important assets of the club is a pitch in good condition.  
•I think Mark has done a fantastic job and is about 3 years into his 5 year programme.  I don’t think many people realise how much time he puts into improving the pitch. 
•The budget will not include any contingency for emergencies.
•The 100 club has helped out in previous years when we’ve been short and is in a slightly better position to be able to do this, if required, now that the refurbishment programme is almost complete.    
•I’m hoping that some more money can now be set aside for the roof fund now that the refurbishment is almost complete.
•However it’s obvious that we will have to raise additional money to supplement the roof fund if work is required.
•We also need to have an expert assessment of the condition of the roof.
3. A few comments about the 2015 Financial Statements
OPERATING LOSS (Profit & Loss Account, bottom of page 10 at the back in Red) 
•First observation (Page 10 at bottom) is that we made an OPERATING LOSS of £5,923.  (cf. £1,074 loss in 2014).  
•Obviously we spent £4,849 more than we received in income in the last financial year.  NB This includes the carrying over of a £1,074 loss from 2014 into these accounts.
•This loss is understandable given the money spent on the refurbishment programme.  However, as Colin Barron pointed out last Friday at the Board meeting, we can’t continue to rack up losses each year.  The Finance subcommittee will have to take this into consideration when it meets to discuss a draft budget.
•The loss means we’re very unlikely to have to pay Corporation Tax (20% on profits) though we’ll have to see if any profit was made on NON MUTUAL TRADING (probably unlikely).
•Match fees appear to be much larger in 2015 than 2014 but the reason they were lower in 2014 is that I received a large amount of them after 31st March 2014 so they didn’t appear as income in the 2014 accounts.    
•We appear to have spent 42% more on Oil in the last financial year but unlike Electricity, paid regularly by DD, oil is purchased as and when required so it’s hard to compare successive year’s expenditure.
BAR (Top of page 9)
•The bar made a net profit (after bar wages) of £4,845 (18.00% of total bar turnover, cf 2014 25%). 
•The bar gross profit of 41.10% (42.89% last year) is still a little lower than the management committee target of 45%.  Bar prices might be slightly lower than they should be (NB There have been no increases in beer for over two years). The Finance subcommittee will discuss this.
•Overall volume of bar sales is down from 2014 when there were several very well attended events.  However the figures are similar to those of 2013 which might be considered to be a normal year. 
•Thanks very much to Andy for all his hard work particulary during a very difficult year 
We’re in a better financial position than last year in terms of our current position.  However it is imperative that the trading loss is reduced to an acceptable level by 31st March 2016 or perhaps even turned into a small profit.  We cannot continue to make increased losses even if we are a non profit making members’ club. 
We’ve made a trading loss in four of the last five years.  The cumulative effect is shown by the last 3 years.
2013 £322 2014 £1,074 2015 £5,923   
With a fine victory over our near rivals Dereham the league season came to a close with Fakenham in 5th place behind Dereham by point difference only. We consider this a good season as we took points from each of the top 4 sides and with a fairer wind we may have won both drawn games. The squad has matured as a unit and additional players from the under 17 has made the squad stronger and more robust. The squad is upbeat about the season and plans on how to improve next season are already being discussed. The second team remains an issue with many players only available occasionally making it difficult to field a side every game. The remaining U17 will help this situation and as the side plays more often this situation hopefully this will change everyone availability. 
April 29th Fakenham under 18’s and Fakenham college u18 teams will join together to play a similar team from Swaffham in “The Big Town Showdown” to be held at Fakenham club kick off at 6:30pm. I am not sure if the college have any players not already involved in the club but this is a chance to recruit those who are not and reconnect with the players currently playing Colts at Holt.
The Foxes have had a second meeting with RFUW rep Simon Boyd about an action plan for recruitment and retention of players. There was a discussion about setting up an Eastern Counties women’s League possibly playing a reduced numbers version ie 10-a-side. The email from Simon can be viewed after the meeting. Mandy has had enough of chasing a dream she is going to concentrate on an Eastern Counties team to finish off her playing career.
The Minis are consolidating well as a group and the minis had their second fixture on March 22nd against Crusaders rugby club. JD Coaching will be including TAG rugby on their multisport holiday club at Fakenham Junior School on 1st April. We could do with getting a representative from the club to be present. We could look to develop this into a rugby day along with JD Coaching. Again 3 years of targeting FJS Year 3 children could fill our minis and next year pick up a qualified TAG coach as a dad (Dean Futter). We will also have to fund 3 x Level 1 courses for coaches to coach mini contact age group for next season. The next phase is to develop the coaches to keep pace with the children’s development. We need more coaches and existing ones will need to do L1 courses which will have a cost implication to the club. Four coaches require a L1 course and we need to train 2 others to TAG level as most who did the course last year do not attend the sessions on a Sunday morning due to their children being too young. I will approach qualified coaches from the senior side to attend next season’s sessions on a rota, as most are first team players this will give the minis someone to look up to and hopefully gain from the players experience during sessions.
Discussions with the school (Dave Savage) about year 7 playing a game against Alderman Peel high school our two closest high schools.  I know that this is still a minis age group this year but would be Youth U13’s next season. The plan is with some support for the school in September and October each of the next 3 years could see us having three consecutive youth sides. I would like to commit one coach to this using “Satellite Club” funding stream application.
Vice-captain Bob Sayer was the only player to have been sent off recently and the issue was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction including Mr Broughton.
President Peter Colley
Chairman Jeff Pearce
Vice Chairman (CLUB & GROUNDS)John Lingwood
Vice Chairman (PLAYING OF RUGBY)Ben Swift
Secretary Chris Evans
Treasurer Chris Evans
Club Captain Chris Glossop
Director of Rugby Alan Young
Sponsorship Manager Lee Muston
Facilities Manager (CLUBHOUSE)Chris Glossop
Facilities Manager (GROUNDS)Mark Allen
Chair of Ladies
Chairman of Youth Karl Barstard
Safeguarding & Young Volunteers
Fixtures Secretary Howard Kellock
Membership Secretaries Karl Barstard (Minis),  
Paul Rushton (Senior players)
Lee Muston (Social)
Press Secretary & WebmasterMike Wyatt
Lunch Manager Vernon Tait
100 Club Colin Barron
Clubhouse Manager Andrew Prior (appointed by the committee)
Team Captains:1st Bob Sayer (Captain)1st Joe Bane Young (Vice Captain)1st Adam Lingwood (Vice Captain)
2nd Craig White (Captain)2nd TBA (Vice Captain) 
There being no further business the AGM was closed at 8.23pm.