Committee Meeting held on Monday 1st August 2016

Apologies                                                                   Ben Swift

Tim Curtis, Colin Barron, Chris Glossop, Adrian Stringer, Mike Wyatt, Chris Evans, Peter Colley, John Lingwood, Alan Young, Jayne Fear, Howard Kellock, Josh Sperring, Mark Allen.

Items not on the Agenda                                

Matters Arising                                   
The committee agreed that a temporary list of deceased members would be put onto the ‘In Memoriam’ board in chronological order but dates would not be included.  TC will deal with this.  No decision was made about the name of the board and some people questioned whether a name was necessary.


Information Items                              Nothing.


1. HUNDRED CLUB DRAW (CB)                      

July                           £15 J Lingwood (61)         £10 Alan Young (4)            £5 ?? (48)

August                    £15 ??? (36)                           £10 Iain McEwan (37)     £5 Steve Hughes (12)

There are a few spare numbers.                                 


  • PC thanked Ed Williams, Matthew Dye, JF, TC and AY for their help with the Touch Rugby/BBQ event on Sunday 17th July.  He added that although the Minis came out in force the seniors let the side down and there were no senior touch Rugby games.  Even though it finished by about 2pm it was an enjoyable occasion and raised £185 in donations with bar takings of £145.  PC still needs to collect Steak night money from Jo Williams.  The bar took £450 from this event.
  • AGS stressed the need to sort out lunch dates for the season.  JSp has received a copy of the fixtures from HK.
  • JSp reported that he has continued to obtain quotes for a possible May Ball next year.
  • JSp also stated that there seems to be a lack of interest amongst players to support club events.  He is trying to find out what would interest them.  AGS didn’t think it was worth wasting time on this.
  • AGS confirmed that the autumn dinner will go ahead (Friday 11th November, £20 per head).  AGS does not have a caterer yet but TC will ask Jean Allen if she would be prepared to do it as well as the lunches.
  • PC will pay for half of the cheeseboard for this event.   

3. 2016 – 2017 BUDGET

MU is currently on holiday and so we can’t announce the date of an EGM in order to consider and approve the accounts for the period April 2015 to March 2016.




AY reported that the Safeguarding Audit had been completed and sent to Eastern Counties.  Sally Lloyd (Norfolk RU Safeguarding Officer) has offered to come to the club to show KB how to carry out the DBS for our volunteers.


AY has the July figures.


  • TC will talk to Mark Banham about the possibility of getting a written report from him for each monthly meeting.
  • AY reported that someone at Jack Richards has said that the cost of our advertising boards is more expensive than other local sports clubs.  AY suggested that we should extend the time of the contract rather than reducing the cost of each board.

In answer to AGS’s question TC provided details of Ian Harper’s funeral.  A marquee will be erected on Wednesday 17th August and a non religious service will take place at the club on Friday 19th August (2pm start).  A wake will take place at the club following a private burial ceremony.




Fixtures have now been confirmed.  Pre-season training is going well with 14-16 players training.  I have just heard tonight that our second team captain has resigned so I will need to speak to the vice-captain and some other senior players over the next couple of weeks.


A Youth and Mini ‘one-day camp’ will take place at the club this Wednesday (3rd August).  There is a full fixture list for the minis with half of the home games being played at Fakenham and the other half at Lakenham RFU due to our being paired with them as both clubs are low on numbers.

We have been asked to host a double header between Fakenham Academy and Alderman Peel High School on Tuesday 20th September (PM).  The APHS PE teacher has asked if we could put on food but the finances are unclear and I cannot clarify things as the schools are both closed.  JF suggested that we could provide food if Fakenham Academy agrees to fund it.  TC offered to provide a BBQ.    


Nothing to report


KB absent.


HK reported that all the fixtures have been sorted out with the exception of the Hogsten/Crowly cup against Thetford in April 2017.  We have a home fixture on most Saturdays.  We could have a lunch on Saturday 3rd December when the 2nd XV play their cup match against Norwich Medics.

AGS insisted that we should press ahead with a fixtures book as requested by BS who can issue the book when players have paid their annual subs.  HK will provide Simon Harper with all the information.  In order to cut costs the club rules will be omitted but a notice in the booklet will state that a copy of the rules will be available in the clubhouse.  

10. BAR (JF)

Monthly Income               

TAKINGS (JULY)                                                        BANKED (JULY)                                      

£1,868.75                                                £1,567.60                                                £1,567.60

Just under £1,400 of the takings were for the sale of beer.

The Steak night takings were £450 and on one of the darts nights the takings were in excess of £200.


  • CG stated that we will need some people at the clubhouse on the next two Sundays (7th & 14th August, 10pm start) to get general jobs done such as grass cutting and hedge cutting.  These will not be working parties as such but an appeal will be made, on the website, for members to contribute a minimum of two hours of their time.
  • TC has spoken to Peter Brown at Birchams and it appears that Adam Lingwood will be working on the new electrical distribution board (cost approximately £1,500).
  • TC also reported that the boards and door have been sorted out on the Referees’ shower but waste disposal still needs some work.
  • MA said that eight lamps need to be replaced in order to provide minimum illumination for training.  We have repaired three lamps so we will need to purchase 5 new lamps @ £70 each.  We will also need two new posts, one 8 metre pitch-side post and a 6 metre post to be mounted on the bank (£600 - £700 per pair).  JSp and CG asked about RFU grants but AY pointed out that this process takes time.  We will look into the possibility of getting funding.    



The CURRENT BALANCE is CR£2,947.72 (The JULY figure was a CREDIT of £3,367.24) when all bills have been paid, cheques have cleared, allocated money is accounted for and the remaining short term loan of £3,000 is re-paid.


Youth Section                                                                                                                                £         79.05                                 

Roof repair fund                                                                                                                          £ 1,000.00

100 club money for CCTV                                                                                                       £      350.00

TOTAL ALLOCATED MONEY                                                                                                   £ 1,429.05



BS was absent.  MWy confirmed that he had sorted out our data on the GMS system.  He also pointed out that many clubs in the area hadn’t done this; some clubs didn’t even have a data officer. 




There being no further business the meeting finished at 8.49pm.