Committee Meeting held on Monday 5th September 2016

Alan Young, Jayne Fear.
Ben Swift, Tim Curtis, Colin Barron, Chris Glossop, Adrian Stringer, Mike Wyatt, Chris Evans, Peter Colley, John Lingwood, Howard Kellock, Mark Allen, Nigel Allen, Marissa Ullmer, Karl Barstard, Mark Banham.
Items not on the Agenda Nothing.

Matters Arising Nothing.

Information Items Nothing.


September £15 Peter Colley (46) £10 Unsold (56) £5 Unsold (63)

• There will be four lunches this season on 1st October, 17th December, 11th February (sponsor AOT Engineering) and 25th March (sponsor Banhams). On 1st October we should have been playing Dereham but they have pulled out of the league because of disagreements in the club which have resulted in a shortage of players. The Committee was in some doubt as to whether Dereham RFC was still in existence.
• AGS reiterated that the autumn dinner will go ahead (Friday 11th November at 7pm, £20 per head). Raffle prizes are needed.
3. 2016 – 2017 BUDGET
MU reported that the Fakenham branch of Stephenson Smart is auditing the 2015 – 2016 accounts which she has produced in draft form. She also quoted some provisional figures from the accounts.
• Bar turnover was £24,700 with a gross profit of 50% which is an increase on the previous year even though the turnover was lower.
• We made a loss of £1,017.
KB reported that he and AY will be attending a Safeguarding meeting in Norwich this Thursday (8th September). KB still needs to attend a Safeguarding course but the next one is in Wales in November. KB assured the Committee that everything is in hand adding that there are many other local clubs with no ‘qualified’ Safeguarding Officer.
The August figures will be given to AY.


JSp was absent but MB reported on the sale of advertising boards.

• There have been a few new boards recently with, perhaps, a couple more in the pipeline.
New additions:
Anglo-Scottish Equipment
Kingsway Tyres
Bailey, Bird & Warren
Bunn Fertiliser. Bunn were going to do a back page advert in the fixtures book but the deadline was missed.
• MB is still trying to get something out of Jack Richards. They thought we were too expensive compared to others. Prices from other clubs:
o Football club was £275 for two seasons with board placed on roundabout
o Dereham Hockey club is £300 for 3 years – banner erected on the pitch
o Fakenham Golf Club £250

• Emma Duggan didn't want to renew even though it was for an extra year. It was too much in one go. So we agreed that she will renew and pay £200 +VAT per year, over 4 years. So MB will invoice her annually.
• GJL will renew with a new board with their new design on it. They will source the board themselves. I think this has been up for some years.
• The free board for Longwater Gravel has now been fitted. Free boards for Lewis Concrete and Stephenson-Smart on the way.
• Should there be a Fishers board up? Expiry date 31/12/16 I did mention this to Ben. Ben to sort one out.
• AOT have 2 boards which are due for renewal. Rimsky has said they have done work for the club in the past for a free board. They are quite happy to do that. If they pay for a board then they will charge for work done. Free board to stay up for services rendered as required.
• Hayes and Storr’s renewal is now due. The note I have is “free until 2016”. When is this?
• Pensthorpe. TBA
• I have chased Langham Glass by phone, email and visit but can't get a response to their renewal.
NCS Carpets’ board got broken and their renewal is coming up. Who would pay for a replacement board in this case? I have asked Simon to go ahead and make another. I’ve decided the club is to pay
• Summerhill Vets have a board which is due for renewal in July. The note I have is "4/1/16 Agreed at committee to give 1-year FOC because of help in 2015" When does this apply from? Now? MB to speak to them about renewal.
• I sent copies of invoices to Marissa, but don’t know if they were paid or not.

AGS thanked the few who turned up a few Sundays ago to tackle the many jobs that still remain in and around the clubhouse.
He also expressed the view that we need a lasting memorial for Ian Harper such as the seat that we have for Chris Woods. He will look into the cost of purchasing or making one.
AY was absent.
• KB reported that Norfolk RFU has linked us with Lakenham RFC but so far we’ve had no communication with them. KB will speak to someone from Lakenham at the Safeguarding meeting this Thursday.
• We have a fixtures list but without linking up with Lakenham we would be unable to honour the fixtures. KB also reported that Swaffham RFC’s Minis were keen to join up with us but MA pointed out that the reason that we’ve been linked up with Lakenham is that they are just out of our catchment area and this prevents one club swamping or taking over another. We are intending to target children at the local schools now that the new term has started and AY has this in hand.
• KB is prepared to go into Fakenham Academy and has already spoken to Dave Savage who is a member of the PE staff.
• The TOTS started last Sunday (4th September). MA stated that communication with parents needs to be addressed.
• KB expressed disappointment with the touch Rugby day on Sunday 17th July when the Minis turned up in force but senior players did not.
• Swaffham 2 has pulled out of EC3 and so we will need a replacement fixture and Dereham RFC will decide, after the first few games of the season, whether or not they are going to remain in EC2.
• If Dereham withdraw we will need a fixture for the lunch on October 1st. HK will look into the possibility of reversing the Crusaders II v Fakenham II fixture.
• Contrary to the information in the fixtures booklet the 1st XV’s first two fixtures are friendly matches.

10. BAR (JF)
Monthly Income
£1,868.75 £ £
No figures available.

JL reported that –
• There is still work to be done at the back of the clubhouse and so there will be another working party on Sunday 25th September starting at 10am.
• Andy Prior has given us the go ahead to put a partition in the CPMF container so that training gear can be stored.
• Adam Lingwood has nearly finished fitting a new distribution board; there’s about half a day’s work left.
• The shower in the Referee’s room needs wiring in.
• We need to remove a tree, near the gate adjacent to the lane, because it is in danger of falling down, possibly on the clubhouse roof. MA warned that if it’s not our tree then we shouldn’t remove it.

MA reported that –
• We’ve had major issues with the floodlights.
• Kings & Barnhams have had a look at them, at no cost, and it appears that water has leaked into a number of the lights.
• There is also an earthing problem.
• The cable for the new floodlight post, to be mounted in the area around the CPMF container, has been installed.
• Andy James will drill the hole and Ed Williams will fit the post.
The CURRENT BALANCE is CR£4,315.30 (The AUGUST figure was a CREDIT of £2,947.72) when all bills have been paid, cheques have cleared, allocated money is accounted for and the remaining short term loan of £3,000 is re-paid.

It was agreed that there should be no limit on amounts that MU can pay when she takes over as Treasurer in the next few weeks.

Youth Section £ 79.05
Roof repair fund £ 1,000.00
100 club money for CCTV £ 350.00

• BS commented that there were a few mistakes in the fixtures booklet (see Fixtures report).
• Payment has been made by 12 senior players, 5 social members, 2 VPs and 1 family.
• Jayne Fear has a few more membership subscriptions.
• BS handed over £665 to CE for banking.
• BS would like to get fixtures cards to all Life members so if anyone knows where they live could they please let him know.

• Press reports have been submitted for this week’s Fakenham & Wells.
• Archant has produced a two page brochure containing information on local Rugby. Copies will be sent to all Rugby clubs in the county for distribution.
• MWy is intending to change our internet provider.

PC asked if this season’s fixtures could be posted on the website. MWy replied that they are on the website.

• PC said that he will attend the Norfolk reps meeting in October.
• He will raise the point about Norfolk Cup finals day where all 7 matches are held at the same ground.
• Currently only Holt, Diss, Crusaders and North Walsham are able to accommodate such an event.
• PC will argue that under the old system the home team could make a significant amount of money from bar takings on the day.
• AGS said that we need to set a date for an EGM as soon as possible, to approve the accounts, bearing in mind that we will need to give 21 days notice.

There being no further business the meeting finished at 8.40pm.