Committee Meeting held on Monday 3rd October 2016

Apologies Adrian Stringer, Jayne Fear, Nigel Allen, Chris Glossop.
Present Mark Allen (Chairman), Ben Swift, Tim Curtis, Colin Barron, Mike Wyatt, Chris Evans, Peter Colley, John Lingwood, Marissa Ullmer, Karl Barstard, Mark Banham, Alan Young
Items not on the Agenda Nothing.

Matters Arising PC will attend the next Norfolk meeting and will argue that the current practice of holding all Norfolk finals at one venue on the same day is unfair to junior clubs. KB, who along with AY attended a junior meeting, where this point was raised, suggested that PC should put his case in writing.

It was agreed that an EGM, to consider and approve the club accounts to 31st March 2016, would be held on Tuesday 1st November at 9pm. A proposal to clarify the rules pertaining to AOB at Annual, Extraordinary and Special General Meetings will also be put to members.

Information Items Nothing.


October £100 Jenna Harper (15), £50 Greg Vertigan (7) £20 Unsold (14)

• MU thinks that she can get a medium to hold séances at the clubhouse. She will look into it and then hand the details to JSp.
• The possibility of holding a race Night was suggested.
• JL confirmed that, as last year, there will be a New Year’s Eve function at the clubhouse.
• There are 3 more pre match lunches to be held this season.
• MA warned that we need to have an event each month otherwise we will have no money to spend next summer.
• TC stated that the Boxing Day match needs to be pushed a little more.
There was clarification of the following roles –
Club lunches coordinator Josh Sperring.
Social membership secretary Ben Swift.
Norfolk Rep Peter Colley (on a temporary basis).
KB reported that Sally Lloyd, Safeguarding Officer for Norfolk RFU, will be at the club this Sunday (9th October). See DOR (Minis) report for details.
The September figures were given to AY.
CE and AY will discuss this matter.

Cafe scrumptious – new board.
Birchams – 2 years.
Jack Richards have produced a banner.
Kent Blacksall (paint wholesalers) – might have a board in the future.
Thurlow Nunn – maybe.
Hendersons – keen.
Bill Cleyndert – normally gives LM £1,000/year.
Kent Country Cottages – not sure.
MB will liaise with MWy to establish links to the websites of sponsors on our website.

The season has got off to a good start. Thanks to Alan and your team of helpers. I hope the working party went well and sorry that I was away.
On reflection, after advice and comment, I realise that it would not be wise for the club to provide a seat for Ian Harper. The precedent set and implication for past losses has to be taken into account. I think family and friends will provide the memorial and personally I wish to be part of that.

I hope the luncheon went well and sorry to have missed it.

Jason Pegden has phoned and requested to have his shirt display cabinet returned. It’s a Harlequins shirt in a rather large frame. I think the committee should approve the request as it is no longer on display. His father provided the frame so it is all technically his property.

It really would be good to get the EGM announced to accept the accounts. There will be a Directors’ meeting prior to the EGM.

Please add your names and guests to the list for the dinner on 11th November. Any raffle prizes would also be appreciated. Thanks for all your efforts and keep up the good work.

JL will get the cabinet repaired and return it, with the shirt, to Jason.
The first team have played three league games lost one, won two and are now in second place on the same point as 3rd and 4th place.
The club is struggling for players to field two sides of the same playing strength as last year, and things have been made more difficult after this weekend with the second team captain dislocating his shoulder and his vice-captain working the next 4-6 Saturdays. I have sent a message out asking for a volunteer to stand in as captain for the second team.
Sally Lloyd, the Norfolk Safeguarding officer, will be with us on Sunday 9th October to discuss our Safeguarding Audit and to show Karl how to use the DBS software to carry out checks on coaches and to renew checks for those whose clearance has expired. The Minis are currently struggling for coaches as some coaches have not returned this season and with the RFU Kids First approach this is making it difficult for us to meet the criteria laid down splitting in to specific age groups.

We intend to hold a TAG event amongst the local cluster on Wednesday 19th October. Invites have been sent out to 18 schools but, so far, there have only been 4 replies.

CE, AY and KB will form a subcommittee to sort out our re-accreditation which is due in December.
• KB reported that last weekend 18 children attended.
• He added that we have lost a lot of players recently in addition to some coaches who had become disillusioned.
• Recent RFU rule changes have made things more difficult.
• One problem is that schools Rugby is on Saturday and from 9 years old football is on Sunday.
• The Minis will purchase a new urn.
HK was absent.
10. BAR (JF)
Monthly Income
£1,868.75 £1,973.95 £2,386.33*
*This includes £225.38 from August, £100 raffle money and £87 subs.
JF has £900 which was taken from sales of Wherry at Ian Harper’s wake in the clubhouse. This was sold from a separate bar which was run by The Bull in Fakenham. JF will hand over the cash.

21 pints was used during September in cleaning the pipes.
• JL thanked TC and MB for the loan of equipment during the working party held on Sunday 25th September.
• The tree which potentially could have caused damage to the clubhouse roof was removed.
• The kerb between the pitch and the car park was tidied up so that drivers will now be aware of when they are parking on the grass.
• Adam has sorted out the cable/socket which was dislodged when the scrummage machine was pushed back into its container.
• JL stated that we will invite Andy and Tina Prior to the club when the partition and door have been constructed in the scrummage machine container.
• We will need another working party.
• AY said that we need to order the 8 metre post and a T piece which will be used for mounting metal halide lights to illuminate the dead ball area near the bypass.
• TC reported that we need 4 new round tables for lunches and he will sort this out.
• TC also said that Bircham’s bill for the new electricity board and a few other jobs will be £2,300 + VAT.
• PC thanked everyone who helped with the lunch last Saturday (1st October).

The CURRENT BALANCE is CR£3,207.46 (The September figure was a CREDIT of £4,315.30) when all bills have been paid, cheques have cleared, allocated money is accounted for and the remaining short term loan of £3,000 is re-paid).

• Jayne has got approximately £1,600 to pay in from last Saturday’s takings.
• £2,146 will be collected in the next few weeks for Autumn International tickets which we have paid the RFU.
• We still owe Tim Curtis approximately £2,000 from the refurbishment work.
• We will soon have a bill from Bircham Electrical for £1,600 + VAT (£1,920) for the new Electricity distribution board.
• Taking this into consideration our effective balance is £3,033.46

BS handed over £460 to MU and added that he needs feedback on this year’s fixtures booklet for next season. He also remarked that the pitch looked brilliant last Saturday.

• Everything is up to date.
• Copies of the Archant booklet ‘Up and Under’ (a guide to local Rugby) will be sent out to clubs soon.
• We’ve had one report in the EDP.
• We are not now going to change our service provider Daisy Communications.

• If we decide to rotate memorabilia who is going to do it and will they have the time.
• AY suggested that all the memorabilia should be put up but not all in the main clubhouse.
• He also asked for functions not to be held on Friday nights because of darts matches.
• It was suggested that playing memorabilia should be put along the corridor.
• There was a sub-committee to deal with this (LM and TC). TC has now co-opted BS to replace LM.

There being no further business the meeting finished at 8.55pm.