Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 1st November 2016

Apologies Colin Barron, Tim Curtis, Marissa Ullmer.

Present Adrian Stringer, Peter Colley, Alan Young, Jayne Fear, Chris Glossop, Mike Wyatt, Chris Evans, John Lingwood, Howard Kellock, Ben Swift, Josh Sperring, Mark Allen.

Items not on the Agenda PC attended the recent Norfolk monthly meeting primarily to discuss the ‘Big Rugby Day’ when all finals are held on the same day at the same venue, limited to about four big clubs that have the capacity, thus depriving smaller clubs that might be finalists of potential revenue.
It was stated that Norfolk RFU does not make any money out of the event but it was clear that Woodforde’s, Norfolk’s principal sponsor, gains a huge amount of publicity from the event so it would appear that Woodforde’s is influencing the Norfolk RFU’s decision to hold the event. Holt RFC is holding the 2017 event and the event will be reviewed next year.

There was criticism, at the meeting, that when Leicester RFC don’t want to hold onto an Academy player they lose interest and don’t even inform the player’s home club.

Tom Silver was welcomed as a co-opted member of the Fakenham RUFC Committee.

Matters Arising AGS reported that Jason Pegden was not too concerned about his framed shirt and
said that he will get the frame repaired himself.

Information Items None.

1. 100 Club Draw (CB)
CB absent.

2. Social Events (JS)
• JSp will look at some dates for a Race Night.
• PC said that a local pub quiz organizer is prepared to run a quiz night at the club.
• JSp suggested a players’ night. The 1st XV match at Great Yarmouth/Broadland on 17th December could have an early KO allowing players to get back to the club to meet up with 2nd team players, who have a home match, to have some form of entertainment at the club before going out.
• AGS reported that there should be about 50 people in attendance for the dinner on Friday 11th November.
• TC is paying for the dessert and PC is paying for the cheese.
• We still need raffle prizes.

3. Current Vacancies
As previously mentioned Tom Silver was co-opted onto the Committee. He was proposed by JSp and seconded by PC and the proposal was carried unanimously. He will liaise with AY with a view to taking over one of his many roles.

4. Safeguarding
• AY reported that this has more or less been sorted out. There is a course on 26th November which covers the second part of what KB needs to complete.
• Sally Lloyd, the Norfolk Safeguarding Officer, visited the club recently to offer advice and assist with online administration.

5. October Footfall
AY has the October footfall.

6. Commercial Development (MB)
MB absent.

7. Chairman
• AGS thanked everyone for the progress made in getting the EGM sorted out for later this evening. This will essentially be held to approve the accounts for the period April 2015 – March 2016.
• We still have room for a few more people to attend the dinner on Friday 11th November (see social events).
• AGS reiterated the need for more functions to be held and stressed the importance of support for each function.

8. Playing of Rugby
a) Director of Rugby (AY)
The first team are going well. They have played 7 won 6 and are one point off the top spot. The squad’s attitude is good and most are turning up to training. There is a good positive vibe around the squad and some have not complained when they have been asked to play for the seconds.
The second team have had an indifferent start to the season including two losses and three cancelled matches which have cost us -15 points. The last game cancelled cost us dear as it was against our nearest rival so we are now on -14 and they are on +9. Bob has taken over as second team skipper during Craig White’s absence and I am hopeful this will have a positive influence on the squad.
The minis first fixture did not turn out as we thought with Diss calling off but this did give us a chance to have a joint training session with Lakenham our playing partners in the fixture list. The children had a great day and we may follow it up with a trip to Lakenham next week.
Nothing to report

b) Youth Rugby (KB)
KB absent
c) Fixtures (HK)
• Dereham II have pulled out of EC4 N and Swaffham II have replaced them.
• As a result our 2nds match away to Swaffham II on 19th November has been cancelled.
• The home game on 4th March is still being played but Swaffham would like it to be a squad game.
• Both Holt and Fakenham are keen to resurrect the Banham Cup.
• Possible dates include 15th April (Easter), 22nd April and 29th April (Start of the Alliance and Norfolk cricket league).
• PC pointed out that Holt pulled out last time, when it was our home game, so the game should be played at Fakenham.
• HK told the committee that many of our players would like to play their first XV.
• KO times are currently 2.30pm. In December and January they will be at 2.00pm and cup fixtures will start at 1.30pm.

9. Bar (JF)
October Takings October Banking
£4,347.94 £4,347.94
It has been a good month with a private party and a lunch. The lunch takings were £1,612.25.
Current Bar Tabs still owing include Henderson Plastics (£78.50) and Ed Williams (£167.55).

10. Club & Grounds (CG)
• The new floodlight posts will be sorted out this week.
• The pitch needs rolling and verti-draining.

11. Treasurer
a) Report (CE)
• The CURRENT BALANCE is CR6,283.43 (The October figure was a CREDIT of £3,207.46) when all bills have been paid, cheques have cleared, allocated money is accounted for and the remaining short term loan of £3,000 is re-paid).
• £820 still needs to be collected for Autumn International tickets.
• We still owe Tim Curtis approximately £2,000 from the refurbishment work
• We will soon have a bill from Bircham Electrical for £2,760 (£2,300 + VAT) for the new Electricity distribution board.
• We have claimed £539.17 in VAT for the purchase of Autumn International tickets in the 3rd quarter. The tickets have now been sold, at the purchase price, so we will have to pay the VAT collected on them, £539.17, at the end of the 4th quarter.
• JF has banked £2,347.94 today.
• Taking the above into consideration our effective balance is approximately £4,690.94

b) 2016 / 2017 Budget (MU)
• AGS would like to have an analysis of the 2016 – 2017 budget from MU at the next meeting.

12. Membership (BS)
• BS reported that things have slowed down but there is £100 to pay in.
• There are 25 paid up playing members.
• In addition there are 5 more social members.
• AGS stated that we need feedback on the current fixtures book in order to prepare next season’s fixture book.
• He also emphasised that the core value protocol needs to go into next year’s booklet.

13. Press and Communication (MW)
• MWy reported that there has been some coverage in the EDP.
• AGS suggested that Fakenham Rugby Club emails (eg chair@fakenham could help with people taking on a role in the club.
• HK asked MWy if some match photos could be sent to him to be posted on Facebook.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.19pm.