Committee Meeting held on Monday 5th December 2016

Apologies Jayne Fear, Chris Glossop, Ben Swift.

Present Adrian Stringer, Peter Colley, Alan Young, Colin Barron, Tim Curtis, Marissa Ullmer., Mike Wyatt, Chris Evans, John Lingwood, Howard Kellock, Mark Allen, Nigel Allen, Karl Barstard.

Items not on the Agenda KB attended a Safeguarding course at Wymondham RFC on 26th November and can now do the administration for DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checks. He found the course interesting and very useful.

Matters Arising None.
Information Items None.

1. 100 Club Draw (CB)
November December
£15 E & D Lawrence (78) £15 Colin Barron (8)
£10 Glen Franks (80) £10 Mrs S Singleton (89)
£5 Mark House (34) £5 R E Palmer (17)

• There are currently 4 free numbers.
• There are 3 unclaimed prizes (Maurice Holl, Greg Vertigan and Justin Green)

2. Social Events (JS)
• The lunch on Saturday 17th December will go ahead even if there is no match. At the moment there is no sponsor and approximately 30 people have said that they will attend.
• Norwich City’s home match is on Friday 16th December which might help with numbers.
• KB is running a Christmas party for the Minis on Sunday 18th December starting at between 11am to 11.30am. Clive Dew will provide a disco.
• KB also reported that the club has lost some Sunday morning kitchen helpers.
• AY said that the other darts team at the club would like to run an open competition in January.

3. Safeguarding
• As previously mentioned KB is now able to do the admin relating to DBS checks.
• KB and AY will complete the Safeguarding audit within the next few weeks.
• KB reassured the Committee that most things are now in place with regard to our Safeguarding requirements.
• Recent revelations about alleged sexual abuse by Football coaches prompted KB to reiterate that parents, or representative of the parents, must be in attendance at all times when their children are engaged in any aspect of Rugby. The coaches are there to coach and cannot attend to any non-Rugby related problems.
• Children cannot be taken to matches by their coaches. Parents, or representatives of the parents, must do this.
• KB added that a First Aider must always be in attendance at games. Coaches must ensure that a team playing an away fixture has a First Aider with them.

4. October Footfall
AY has the November footfall.

5. Commercial Development (MB)
MB absent.

6. Chairman (AGS)
• AGS reported that the autumn dinner, on Friday 11th November, went well. Just under 50 people attended and a profit of about £1,000 was made.
• TC was concerned that having paid £20 for the meal some people might have felt pressured to pay for raffle tickets and a tip.
• AGS thanked PC, TC, AY and all the Allen family (Jean, Nigel, Mark and Paul) for their work and contribution in preparing for the dinner.
• Tips on the night were considerable and Jean Allen donated £50 from the tips to the ground fund.
• AGS has received a very nice letter from Lee and Irene Muston who thoroughly enjoyed the evening. They were presented with gifts as a small thank you for all their work for the club over the last 30 years.
• AY was voted Club Member of the year for the season 2015 – 2016 and was presented with the trophy at the dinner.
• Edwin Williams has accepted an invitation to join the board. AGS was pleased to have someone with business skills as a director. The post of director is usually for a minimum of 3 years.
• Future board members will be confirmed and voted on, each year, at the AGM.

7. Playing of Rugby
a) Director of Rugby (AY)
• AY will chase up James Shilling for the Health & Safety audit and recommendations which, apparently, have been completed.
Fakenham first team played two league fixtures in November and won both of them and still sit in second place in the league. They still trail Diss by a single bonus point but have a superior points difference. I feel the deciding fixtures will be North Walsham away and the last league game at home against Diss 2’s.
As some of you are aware Fakenham firsts lost to Swaffham in the Junior Norfolk Cup last Saturday (3rd December) by 22-19. I am not sure, with the re-organisation of the cup, if that means we will go into the Norfolk Plate.
Fakenham second team are struggling, only fielding one full side with help from the first team squad. Fakenham won the game but more importantly they didn’t lose any points to their rivals. It is not looking good for this week but we will push for more players tomorrow night.
The minis have had two fixtures since the last meeting. Numbers are still variable week to week but generally on the increase. Lee Parry is working with Alderman Peel Y7 to try and increase our u12’s and ongoing next year as U13’s to give us a youth side for the first time in 3 years.
Nothing to report.

b) Youth Rugby (KB)
KB took 10 children to North Walsham on Sunday 27th November. He received praise for their conduct from adults attending the fixture. HK added that the children mix well and have created a good atmosphere. A few boys have recently joined the group.
c) Fixtures (HK)
HK reported no changes to fixtures. He is still waiting for a response from Holt RFC to a proposed Banham Cup home fixture with them on Saturday 22nd April. This would require a rearrangement of the Hogston Crowley Cup fixture from 22nd April to the 15th April.

8. Bar (JF)
JF absent.
9. Club & Grounds (CG)
• MA will present a draft budget at the January meeting for work to be done in the summer of 2017.
• CE and AY suggested to the Committee that it was not worth submitting an application for the NatWest Rugby Force 2017. It requires a lot of work and the chance of success is slim.
10. Treasurer (MU)
• MU gave each member of the committee printouts of the Trading Account and Budget for 2016 – 2017.
• To October 2016 we are in profit by £1,300.89 as opposed to the projected budget figure of -£7,185.04.
• Bar takings are slightly down on the budget figure but Advertising & Sponsorship is up by nearly £2,000.
• CE pointed out that our contract with EON has ended and we are now on the standard rate which is more expensive. We will have to give a month’s notice if we are going to change supplier.
• JL will get some quotes.
• The current bank balance is £10,679.69.
• TC’s final bill for the refurbishment has been paid (£2,619.60 incl. VAT).
• Bircham Electrical’s bill for the new Electricity distribution board has been paid (£2,760.00 incl. VAT).
There might be a little more to pay for additional work.
• Mike Curry would like to be paid for his coaching in 3 payments rather than 4.
• MU stressed that invoices MUST be made out to Fakenham RUFC Ltd in order to be able to claim the VAT back.
• MU has sent a formal complaint to NatWest for sending CE details and codes, relating to online banking, when she had specifically requested that it be sent to her.
• MU will repay the loan of £1,000 from Lee Muston but will wait until the 6 Nations’ money has been collected in before repaying CE and AY.
• CE pointed out that he had not renewed the Electricity contract with EON in order to look for a better deal with another provider. This means that, at present, our monthly payment is higher because we are on the standard rate but we will only need to give a month’s notice to change provider. JL will get some quotes.

12. Membership (BS)
BS absent.
13. Press and Communication (MW)
MWy reported that the website is up to date.

• NA is prepared to log the sale of RFU raffle tickets. AY suggested that we should order 480 more books which CE will sort out. We will make a big effort to sell then in January and February.
• CE will ensure that a copy of the liability insurance certificate is displayed on the notice board.
• Jeff Pearce is prepared to form a Fakenham RUFC subcommittee to organise a ramble for Children in Need 2017 as long as all the money raised goes to the charity. AGS will contact him to give him the go ahead as long as his committee does not contain members of the Rugby club committee.
• KB asked if anyone had seen an A5 size Safeguarding folder.
• JL told the committee that the new tenant farmer who will farm the land adjacent to our land is going to erect a fence tight to the hedge all the way round. JL suspects the land will be used to graze cattle.
• JL is hopeful that the farmer will fit a gate to enable balls to be retrieved.
• JL has invited the farmer to a function at the club.
• KB was concerned that, with the erection of a fence, dog walkers are more likely to use our pitch to ‘exercise’ their dogs.
• It was agreed that the next meeting will be on Monday January 9th.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00pm.