Committee Meeting held on Monday 9th January 2017

Apologies None.

Present Adrian Stringer, Peter Colley, Alan Young, Mark Banham, Colin Barron, Chris Glossop, Tim Curtis, Marissa Ullmer., Mike Wyatt, Chris Evans, John Lingwood, Mark Allen, Nigel Allen, Karl Barstard, Tom Silver.

Matters Arising MU reported that LM would like his £1,000 to be repaid to him but only if the club is in a financial position to be able to do so.
Matters arising on the Agenda AGS read out Josh Sperring’s resignation letter which he emailed to the whole of the committee.
Information Items None.

1. 100 Club Draw (CB)
£15 Terry Bishop (1) £10 Alan Young (45) £5 Andy McClaren (90)

2. Social Events (AGS)
• Josh Sperring has resigned as Events Officer (see above) but will help with the admin for the luncheons.
• We will endeavour to appoint a replacement ASAP.
• Andy Prior’s 50th birthday party will be held at the club this Saturday (14th January). Club members are welcome.
• AY will celebrate his 60th birthday with a party at the club on Saturday 15th April.
• AY announced that the Chinese Night will take place at the club on Saturday 25th February as long as both teams have away games. This is to enable preparation for the evening to take place without hindrance.
• We are not sure if Fakenham RUFC is in the Norfolk Junior Cup plate yet. If they are we will have to hope that they are drawn away.
• PC said that Ian Tupper and Barry Thomas are prepared to cook curries if a Curry Night is organised.

3. Safeguarding
• Following a meeting with the Minis section KB is considering the use of Facebook in order to improve communication. Communication will be with parents and not with children because the minimum age for using Facebook is 13+ years.
• At the meeting KB told the Minis section that he was going to stand down as Chairman of Minis & Youth with immediate effect but would remain as Safeguarding Officer.
• He had considered resigning at the end of the season.
• Clive Dew has said that he would like to be Chairman of Minis next season.
• Dean Halfpenny completed a First Aid course, at no cost the club, last Friday.
• The Minis’ First Aiders are Dean Halfpenny, Clive Dew and KB. NB. A First Aider is required at every match but it is not advisable to have coaches as First Aiders.
• The Committee agreed to fund the First Aid course (see Treasurer’s report) proposed by KB.
• KB has purchased arm bands, high vis and 3 First Aid bags. After the first aid course the bags will be given to the three most suitable attendees at the course.

4. October Footfall
• AY has the December footfall.
• AY reported that trading had dipped in December owing to fewer games and lower attendances at training.
• He added that the organiser of the PE on the pitch, held on Thusday evenings, is prepared to contribute £5 towards the cost of lighting.
• PC thanked those who supported the President’s match on Boxing Day. £900 was taken over the bar and the Under 35s v Over 35s match had two full teams.

5. Commercial Development (MB)
• MB reported that Kevin Holiday (The Solar Shed Ltd, Kings Lynn) would like to sponsor the fixtures board at the end of the road. This might be a problem as it is not on our land so we’ll get him a board.
• MB is not going to renew the subway board.
• Kent-Blaxill & Co Ltd is interested in sponsoring a board.
• AY asked if there was a ‘non lunch’ sponsorship package in Jeff Pearce’s sponsorship summary.
• Banhams will sponsor the lunch on Saturday 25th March even if the Banham Cup has not been reinstated into the fixtures list. NB we are still waiting to hear from Holt RFC if the fixture is to go ahead.

6. Chairman (AGS)
• AGS expressed concern about replacing JSp as Events Officer.
• The next lunch (11th February) will go ahead and we are confident that we can get more than 40 to attend.
• AGS thanked PC and everyone else who helped at the Boxing Day event.
• PC thanked Robyn Jones for refereeing the game on Boxing Day particularly as he has not fully recovered from surgery last year.
• AGS mentioned that Roger Pearson (Eastern Counties secretary) has been canvassing support for election to the RFU Council as the Eastern Counties representative. There were no objections to his candidacy. We will wait for the full list of candidates before making a decision as to whom we will give our support.
• AGS announced that a Directors’ meeting will be held in February.
• AGS announced Tuesday 25th April as a provisional date for the AGM.

7. Treasurer (MU)
• Our current bank balance as of 9th January is £3,424.60.
• £3,000 of Directors’ loans is still outstanding.
• MU has obtained £100 compensation from NatWest for their incompetence in handling the new mandate and online banking applications.
• MU expressed concern that the 6 Nations’ ticket money (£3,792) and bar takings (approx. £3,000) had not been banked. CE will sort out the ticket money.
• AGS will talk to Jayne about banking money and arranging a meeting with MU.
• MU would like a monthly report from Jayne detailing bar takings and bankings.
• JL has obtained 3 quotes for the supply of Electricity to the club and along with MU has decided to opt for the EON 1 year Fixed Plan. EON is our current supplier.
• KB asked if he could have funding for a First Aid course organise by Steward Safety at a cost of £375 for 12 people.
• MU will pay the bill if the committee agrees to fund the course (see Safeguarding).

8. Playing of Rugby
a) Director of Rugby (AY)
Fakenham first team played one league fixtures and one cup game in December. The cup game was a close affair against Swaffham as it was last year but we lost the game and will now go into the Norfolk Plate, the league game was won but kept us in second place to Diss. The first team have three league games to play in January and the seconds have two but both are away. The seconds had to call off their cup match due to lack of players but did field sides for their two-league game losing the away game to Broadlands but winning at home to Watton by a margin of 60-10 and with other results lifted the second team off the bottom of the league and replaced by Crusaders seconds. The Boxing day game was in my opinion a success but we could have done with a couple of more players to ease the pressure on some of the older players. The morning was well attended by families and friends and I believe the bar take was approximately £900.
Mini numbers are low at the moment but it is difficult to work out if it is winter or children are losing interest. Jack Stewart-Richardson has passed his level one coaching course to ease the coaching of contact rugby. The Minis have a fixture this week at home and if any committee members have some free time to act a stewards it would be most appreciated.
Nothing to report.

b) Youth Rugby (KB)
• The Safeguarding audit has been sent to Sally Lloyd (Norfolk RFU Safeguarding Officer).
• The Minis’ Christmas do went very well.
• Ed Williams raised some money for the Minis from a BBQ for the adults.
• There were 14 Minis at yesterday’s training session (8th January).
• Fakenham Auto Electrical, Travis Perkins and Tim Loose have all sponsored kit for the Minis.
• AGS thanked KB for all his work with the Minis following his written resignation which was handed to CE (Secretary).
• AGS proposed that Clive Dew be seconded onto the Committee, on a temporary basis, in order to deal with Mini Rugby matters. (Six in favour, one against and three abstentions). Clive would like to be considered for the post of Minis Chairman for the season 2017 – 2018.
c) Fixtures (HK)
9. Bar (JF)
JF absent.
10. Club & Grounds (CG)
a) CG reported that a meeting of the Club & Grounds subcommittee was held last Tuesday (3rd January) to discuss the jobs that need to be done. These include -
• Decorating.
• Improvements to the disabled toilet.
• Replacement of the flooring in the bar.
• Filling of holes in the cellar area.
• Red oxidising the beams.
b) It was agreed that the fitting of any new fixtures in the clubhouse must be approved by the Club & Grounds subcommittee or, if necessary, by the club Committee. This follows an attempt by the captain of the Press Club Darts team to fix a dart board cabinet to the wall facing the pitch. He tripped the electricity supply by drilling into a ring main cable embedded in the wall.
• JL reported that a fence has now been erected around the border between the Rugby Club and the farmer’s field. Fishers have fitted two gates to enable players to retrieve balls from the field. Fakenham Heel Bar will provide coded locks for the gates in addition to another 12 locks (worth approximately £400) which will be used around the site. We will provide Fakenham Heel Bar with an advertising board.
• MA has spoken to the players about helping out with various jobs around the club. Most of them would prefer to be given a job that they can complete in their own time.
• MA warned that, as a result of the construction of the surrounding fence, it is now much easier for intruders to get into our storage compound. The addition of razor wire to our fence was considered but thought to be unwise.
• MA will register us with the Funding for Floodlights Investment Scheme which MWy brought to our attention. This scheme matches sports clubs with the needs of mobile phone companies for new mobile phone masts.

11. Membership (BS)
BS absent.
12. Press and Communication (MW)
• MWy reported that everything is up to date.
• TC asked MWy if we could have some extra press coverage for the next two lunches (11th February and 25th March).

RFU Raffle
• NA received the additional 480 books from CE to add to the 10 he already has.
• Each member of the committee will be given 5 books to sell.
• The rest of the books will be sold at Tesco in Fakenham.
• The RFU deadline is 6th March but our deadline will be 20th February.
Clothing sales
• Alan Stanley has offered to run a clothing stall at the club.
• The batch of new club ties has been sold.
• Several members have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of memorabilia in the main clubhouse.
• AGS pointed out that the members who paid £25 for name tags should be able to see them displayed. We will display them in the main corridor.
• We will display some of the more significant photographs in the main clubhouse.
• Items of memorabilia that we have accepted as donations will be returned to the donors if we do not intend to display them.
International tickets
• TC insisted that we need a club policy for ticket sales.
• CE and AGS will discuss the matter and report back at the February committee meeting..

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.37pm.