Minutes of the Meeting 10th June 2013


Notes of the Committee Meeting held on Monday 10th June 2013

Apologies Craig Prior, Kevin Singleton, Rory Singleton, Colin Barron.

Present Alan Young, Lee Muston, Robyn Jones, Peter Colley, Chris Evans, Mark Allen, Andy Prior, John Lingwood, Adam Lingwood, Mike Wyatt, Bob Sayer, Ian Tupper.

Matters arising There was a moment of contemplation following LM's announcement that Ben Lichfield had died last Friday (June 7th) in a motorbike accident at Lenwade. LM will write to his parents on behalf of the committee and PC, as President, will also write to his parents. AP is waiting to hear from Ben's mother regarding the wake which will be held at the clubhouse.

An engineer from Daisy, our phone company, will be at the club this Wednesday (12 June) to finalise the installation of our phone and WiFi system.

LM has contacted Jerry Stone to tell him that Fakenham RUFC will not be represented at the Norfolk dinner this year because of last year's 'shambles'.

Items not on the agenda RJ has secured some Tesco trolley park roofing which can be erected as dry cover for spectators and smokers.

Agenda outcomes (June)

1 AGM agenda We need to fill the posts of youth and minis chairmen along with coaches. LM reminded those present that the club could not function without youth and minis sections and he challenged the committee to come up with solution. He asked for suggestions as to who could run the minis by Thursday night. AY pointed out that we've had Aviva TAG and cluster group TAG after school but not on Sundays.

2 Development Plan LM will discuss the development plan in June.

3 NNDC kitchen report We need a large laminated notice in the kitchen indicating the need for hygiene and record keeping.

4 Pitch/Grounds MA reported that the pitch has been seeded in some areas, fertilizer has been applied and weed killer will be applied in August provided that it has rained. One set of posts is in and the other end has been dug out. Work at Trap lane has not started yet and the pitch will not be ready for September but we need to concrete in the posts. An entrance into the farmer's field will be cut to enable easy access to the Trap lane pitch. MA thanked Craig Prior, Adam Lingwood and John Lingwood who helped him with the posts.

5 Clubhouse Maintenance TC absent. LM reported that the cellar door has now been fitted but gaps around the door still need to be filled. Both Woodfordes and Carlsberg have keys to the new cellar. The toilet window has been replaced.

6 100 CLUB (JUNE) CB absent. LM introduced Ian Tupper to the committee. Ian will assist Colin in running the 100 club. Mike Wyatt (Press & communications and webmaster) was also formally introduced to the committee.

7 Fundraising LM announced that he had not received feedback from the RFU on the failed bids and that he has put a bid in to Lloyds bank which, if successful, will assist with ground maintenance. He has also submitted a bid of £7,700 to Market Tolls (town council fund) for machinery, a container and the burglar alarm. We will know by July 28th whether the big bid has been successful.
Fundraising has been slow. The U15 dinner was successful and the players were superb. The players' dinner was equally successful.
The steak night will be on Friday 5 July. AY and PC will liaise with regard to hosting a BBQ, probably at the end of July. LM asked for help in drumming up support for the Old Farts dinner. He has 3 sponsors and is hoping for an attendance of 60 – 70 people. The cost will be £15, there'll be no drinks on the table and it's hoped that the event will make about £900.

8 Treasurer's Report CE reported a net balance of CR £2,852.67 (May CR £10,519.53) when all bills have been paid and cheques have cleared. A lot of the un-cleared cheques above were presented but the payments were stopped because our bank, Nat West, seemed to think that the cheque book for the new account was lost. CE did not report the loss of a cheque book to the bank.
£500 of the above balance is allocated to the Foxes (Chemspec) for kit and approximately £400 of the travel money received from the RFU for the Foxes was not spent.
We will receive £947 from 'helping hand' as matched funding for replacement posts.
CE reported that he is reluctant, at the moment, to spend money on another container because it's important to ensure that we 'survive' the summer. A new container is needed but equipment being stored in the changing rooms can stay there until late August when there'll be a clearer idea of our available cash.

FINANCE SUBCOMMITTEE MEETING (Tuesday May 28th at the clubhouse)

• CE and IM produced a more detailed breakdown of Income & Expenditure to be used in the cashbook.

• The need to clarify Income & Expenditure in the match fees was acknowledged. The accountant wants a clearer breakdown of match fees. The total figure taken in match fees, rather than a net figure after teas and laundry have been deducted, is required. Obviously the expenditure needs to be documented as well.

• A budget for the current accounting year has nearly been completed. More information on this will be available at the July meeting. The total amount is likely to be similar to last year's figure

9 Director of Rugby AY said that attendance at summer training was good at first but soon tailed off. The only summer activity currently taking place is touch rugby which has had attendances of around 36. In terms of recruitment the club is linked to Active Fakenham and Norfolk Kickstart.
Joe Bane Young is starting on a level 2 course next Sunday.

It was agreed that CE should try to fill the blank fixtures with teams from NMT1 if possible. AY is trying to obtain the use of a minibus from Cookes in the form of sponsorship.

The Foxes have signed up for the league in the coming season but are short of players. Adverts will be posted in the Lynn Sun, the Fakenham Sun and Fakenham & Wells Times. Fliers will also be distributed.

10 Bar Report AP reported the following figures.

MAY Takings £1,553
JUNE so far Takings £199.70

There are no more bookings for June but there are some for July.

AOB JL and MA will organise a working party along with a BBQ.
RJ will not be refereeing for Norfolk this year but will officiate in some friendly matches.
LM gave RJ and RS a copy of the membership register.