Minutes of the Meeting 8th July 2013


Notes of the Committee Meeting held on Monday 8th July 2013

Apologies Mark Allen, Rosie Noon, Tim Curtis, Bob Sayer.

Present Alan Young, Lee Muston, Robyn Jones, Peter Colley, Chris Evans, Marissa Ullmer, Colin Barron, Andy Prior, Craig Prior, John Lingwood, Adam Lingwood, Mike Wyatt, Rory Singleton, Merwyn Watson.

Matters arising The phone line and WIFI are now operational.
RJ will clean and paint the roofing acquired from Tesco.
Merwyn Watson will chair the Minis & Juniors.
Vince Stewart will manage the U16s and find a coach for Sunday mornings.
Paul Richardson will coach the U16s on Wednesdays.

Items not on the agenda None

Agenda outcomes (July)

1 Membership We need to increase the social membership considerably.
MWy will put a membership form on the website.
AY added that the priority, at the moment, is to increase the player membership.

2 Development Plan See membership.

3 Press & communications The new website is as up to date as possible. Information on the minis and juniors will be posted as soon as details are available. Banner ads on the website are being considered.
4 Pitch/Grounds Posts at the Sports Centre end of the pitch will be erected on Wednesday night (10th July) so that MWy can take photos to support LM's claim for the £947 grant. They will then be taken down to enable the grass to grow. The other end of the pitch still needs concrete bases for the posts. JL has sorted out access to the farmer's field so that the tractor can be driven to Trap lane without using the public highway..

5 Clubhouse Maintenance TC absent.

6 Work in the kitchen Nothing done so far.

£15 (77) Ian Harper £15 (100) Mandy Warren
£10 (54) Pat Hargraves £10 (41) Julie Colley
£5 (22) Not sold £5 (36) Mrs H A Hodgson

CB reported that there are still 4 numbers left.

8 Fundraising Petty Donations
Langham Glass (board) £378 will need to be invoiced
Willy Parker £50
Ketts Country Cottages £60

Steak Night
Bar £547
Raffle £67
Profit £198

Raffle prizes were provided by Nigel Benbow (2), Vince Stewart (1) and Lee Muston (1).

LM's bid of £7,700 from Market Tolls, for pitch equipment, will be discussed in the Town council meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 9th July) and we will know the result on Wednesday. LM expects £2,200.
LM's has made a bid to Lloyds bank for pitch consumables. We will know on July 16th if we're in the 2nd round and then will need to gather support.
We will know the result of the £78,000 bid to Sport England on July 28th.
We now have post protectors for the new club posts and protectors for the junior pitch, at Trap lane, will arrive in the next few weeks.
LM has made a bid to the 'Norfolk Big Society' (NNDC) to fund a new kitchen. He will talk to Tim Curtis about costs.

PC announced that there will be a BBQ on Sunday 28th July starting at 12.30pm. RJ will repair our broken BBQ equipment.

9 Treasurer's Report CE reported a net balance of CR£3,879.34 (June CR £2,852.67) when all bills have been paid and cheques have cleared.
£500 of this is Foxes allocated money for kit and £400 is RFU travelling allowance for the Foxes left over from last season.
As reported elsewhere we will have to invoice helping hand for the £947 funding towards the cost of the posts.

CE reiterated that a decision to buy another container will have to be left until later in the summer when available finances will be clearer. AY argued that we need the container now to free up the changing rooms of equipment. JL will liaise with MA to order a container from Anglo Scottish by the end of this week. Money to pay for it is included in LM's Market tolls bid but PC and AY will pay for it and will be reimbursed later from club funds or the bid. CB added that money is also available from the 100 club.

JL pointed out that the grass near the oil tank will need to be sorted out before the container is delivered.

10 Director of Rugby AY reported that the final day of summer touch Rugby will be held on Sunday 28th July to be followed by the aforementioned BBQ.

AY will take a group to the Millennium Park on Wednesday 21 August to take part in 'Active Fakenham Week'. He is hoping to put on a demonstration of touch rugby.
AY will coordinate a demonstration at the Fakenham Fair on Saturday 24 August.

Training for the men's teams will begin on Tuesday 9 July at 7pm and will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. Most of the training will be at Trap lane.

AY is still intending to get minibus sponsorship from Cookes for use on long haul away trips.

Coaching will be shared between MW, Ben Swift and AY. Joe Bane Young is currently on a level 2 course and might also help out.

11 U16s/Juniors/Minis LM and MW will meet to discuss a strategy which can, hopefully, be launched at the beginning of the season.

10 Bar Report JUNE Takings £2,088

Ben Lichfield's parents were pleased with the wake held at the club.
Mark Allen and Mandy Warren helped out behind the bar.

LM added that there have been several comments about the cleanliness of the bar and kitchen. He thanked Tina and Andrew for their work.

AOB PC and LM have thanked Jo and Edwin Williams for their efforts at the steak night on 5th July.

There being no more business the meeting closed at 8.45pm