Minutes of the Committee Meeting 11th February 2013

Notes of the Committee Meeting held on Monday 11th February 2013

Apologies Mandy Warren.

Present Alan Young, Lee Muston, Robyn Jones, Rosie Noon, Peter Colley, Chris Evans, Colin Baron, Andy Prior, Craig Prior, Kevin Singleton, Rory Singleton, John Lingwood, Adam Lingwood.

Matters arising LM will need to know details of our coaches for the current bid. LM asked if we could get Penny Chapman to put on a coaching course for 8 people.

Items not on the agenda RJ and RN will look into an incident involving Shaun Dawson at a recent match.
LM thanked RJ for updating the commemorative plaques and pointed out that we need to acknowledge Les Hogston and Dave Scott who were both founder members of the club.
LM also thanked the people responsible for the success of the lunch held yesterday before the Foxes match against Southwold.
LM warned that we need to be more professional in the treatment of our sponsors. We should ensure that sponsors are thanked, that they are included in our press coverage and that sponsored kit is ordered as soon as the sponsorship money is made available.
Agenda outcomes (February)

1 Succession Management Greg Underwood, of EC, will present 'Young Volunteer' awards to Craig, Adam and Rory at the lunch on March 2nd. LM would like ideas from the committee, at the next meeting, as to how our volunteers can be of assistance to them.

2 Pitch maintenance MA outlined the proposed work to be done on the pitch and surrounds in the spring and summer along with costs.

Two applications of fertilizer before summer £600
Application of weed killer £120
Over seeding £425 (5 x 25Kg bags)
Rabbit control £45 (2.5 acres)
£140 (10 acres)
Topsoil (Optional extra) £400 (20 tonnes)
Fuel £500
APPROXIMATE COST (Depending on decisions) £2,000
3 Clubhouse Maintenance No report.

4 100 CLUB JANUARY FEBRUARY £15 (11) Dave Sperring (78) E & D Lawrence £10 (8) Colin Barron (93) J Rounce
£5 (87) Unsold (16) E Tarry

CB reported that there are 5 free numbers and 4 standing orders that need sorting out.

5 Treasurer's Report CE reported a net balance of CR £6,344.75 (January CR £5,836.46) when all bills have been paid and cheques have cleared.
All of the 6 Nations' ticket money has now been paid in and Alan Young's £1,000 loan has been paid back.
We received a repayment of £572.40 for the 4th quarter VAT return of 2012 from HMRC.
CE warned that, in the current economic climate, he is not expecting the usual 80% discretionary rate relief from the council tax. This will probably result in a bill of approximately £3,000 (£300 per month) as opposed to one of about £600 (£60 per month).
The total cost of TC's work is £5,800. The bid pays for half of this so our contribution is £2,900. I've already paid Tim £3,036 so when we get the bid money £136 of it will go in the coffers.
CE is looking again at whether we should change our bar licence from a Club Premises Certificate to a Premises Licence.
AP, IM and CE will have to revue bar prices at the next financial subcommittee meeting following Carlsberg Tetley's increase which was effective from 21st January.

6 Fundraising LM reminded the committee that part of the current bid is to raise money for the creation of a junior pitch on Trap Lane. Some of this money could be used to fund grounds maintenance (see above).

7 Director of Rugby AY pointed out that Diss, Norwich and North Walsham would like their 2nds to be playing in EC2, possibly by automatic promotion from NMT1, so we need to apply for EC2 now in order to avoid having to get to EC2 by promotion in the future.
We need more people attending training sessions.
The 1st XV are currently 4th in NMT1 and the 2nd XV has a 50% win record in NMT3.

8 Bar Report AP reported the following figures.
JANUARY Takings £2,317.14 Banked £2,275.00
FEBRUARY Takings £914.24 (so far)
There are functions this Saturday (16th February), 1st March, 3rd April, 1st June and 1st July.

AOB An EGM will be held on Tuesday March 19th, beginning at 7.00pm, to seek approval from the membership to transfer the assets of Fakenham RUFC to the new company, Fakenham RUFC Ltd.

It was proposed that the AGM should take place on Tuesday April 23rd. CE will contact Shirley Betts, our bookkeeper, to find out how much time she will need to collate the figures in preparation for the accountant. A final decision will be made at the March meeting.

There was a break in at the clubhouse last Thursday. MA, who spent four hours with the Police on Friday until 9pm, complained that we have no procedure or policy to deal with such events. The fact that the alarm is not linked to the phone line at the moment delayed the process of dealing with the matter.

The shower is not working in the ref's room. RJ will contact Tim Curtis.

MA reported that, once the roof is built, the cellar door will be fitted followed by the electrics, cooler and alarm.

AY expressed extreme annoyance at the damage done to fluorescent lights in the changing room by members of the U15 team. The last time they did this the club paid for the repair, not the U15 players.